The CIBERIA project aims to facilitate the digital transition of companies and public administration organizations by providing a cross-border, cybersafe, and cyber-resilient space. This objective is structured around four essential pillars:


Diagnosis of the Current State

Involves conducting a comprehensive diagnosis of the current state of organizations, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.


Training for Organizations

Training for Organizations: Focused on equipping teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle constantly evolving cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Consultation

Specializing in delivering expert guidance and support in cybersecurity.


Validation of Secure Digital Solutions

Strives to authenticate and ensure the security of digital solutions.

The CIBERIA project aims to promote a cyber-secure and cyber-resilient digital economy, fostering dynamism in the CENCYL region. The objective is to create new employment opportunities and business models to attract people and wealth.


CIBERIA will strengthen cybersecurity in SMEs and public organizations with measures, certification seals, and a marketplace of products aligned with best practice standards, seeking to enhance digital security and provide competitive advantages in the cyber field.

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